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Apparis makes a bold statement.
Apparis is a modern fashion brand co-founded by French duo Amélie Brick and Lauren Nouchi. Both Amelie and Lauren had spent their career in the fashion industry and had witnessed the impact of fashion’s unethical manufacturing practices. The two left their jobs at luxury fashion houses in 2016 and made the pledge to do better. And thus, Apparis was born.

Apparis began by selling vegan clothing and products in a boutique in Brooklyn. Amelie and Lauren quickly realized that their top seller was their own design–the faux fur jacket that every it-girl quickly found herself wearing.

What was once a small faux fur brand is now taking the fashion world by storm by expanding into multiple other product categories, such as ready-to-wear, knitwear, and home. The brand's powerful colors and coveted designs became the ultimate must-have for New York girls. The label is dedicated to cruelty-free designs, sustainability, and most importantly–empowerment. Find products named after icons, inspirations, and team members of the brand; women who are forces of nature in the eyes of Amélie and Lauren.

Our Mission.
Apparis’s mission is to create classic pieces with a bold twist. We believe that fashion should empower you because, to us, fashion is self-expression. We make clothing that makes you feel like you–bold and empowered–all while working to minimize our impact on the environment through the use of our cruelty-free fabrics. Each Apparis piece is 100% vegan and is made to last. Quality and transparency in our clothing and our design process is our top priority.
Our Values.
Not only do we love making timeless clothing that our clients can wear for years to come, but we deeply care about the community we’re creating. We’re a women led company and we believe in female empowerment, standing up for social justice, inclusivity, and speaking our mind. When you wear an Apparis piece, people will know that you stand for the same values. Be #Apparisian.
We are a conscious brand and are constantly working to become more sustainable, both in our manufacturing processes and in our materials. Our pieces are made to stay in your wardrobe–and out of the landfill–for years to come. From day one, we’ve put our heart and soul into creating the highest-quality animal-free alternatives out there. We believe that ethical fashion and an accessible price point can coexist without compromising style or quality.